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Mahou Arms is a high quality, NSFW Magical Girl Hack & Slash / Dating Sim in development!

Lead your Magical Girls to battle! Your girls will transform, fight, win, and get their battle uniforms ripped to shreds in the battle against the alien menace! When they return, develop your relationships with the girls, go on dates, and do lewd things! You'll also be in charge of your very own base from which to fight the alien menace, which you'll need to take care of and expand!

Development of the game is currently supported on Patreon. Public builds that are released will be made available here, but if you're a backer you can get access to both uncensored and bleeding edge updates. If you'd like to support work on the game, please check out the page here! For ease of use, both a standalone version, and the game's custom launcher (which will automatically deliver the correct build to you depending on backer status), are provided.


  • 100% custom content, built on Unreal Engine 4
  • Real-time third person hack-and-slash gameplay
  • Battle damage: watch your girls' outfits get torn to shreds as they take damage!
  • Interactive, animated sex minigame with branching endings
  • Choose from multiple Magical Girls to deploy [PLANNED]
  • Gallery Mode [Functional, but not feature complete]
  • Grow your headquarters to build stronger equipment, take on stronger missions, recruit new girls, train your girls, and most importanly, develop your relationship with the girls! [ IN PROGRESS, estimated progress: 15% ]
  • A gripping story about your girls' quest to drive back the alien menace! [ IN PROGRESS ]
  • Multiple types of missions and levels [ IN PROGRESS ]
  • Romantic routes for each girl! [ IN PROGRESS ]


  • Paperbag: game design, art, gameplay programming, director
  • Inkrot: screenplay, backend and launcher programming, IT
  • Aoiichi: sound & music

 is an experienced game developer who's pursuing his dream of making good erotic games. There is no way he could get funding for this game from traditional means (he tried), so he's hoping your small monthly pledge will help him make Mahou Arms a reality, and as good as it can be!

Install instructions

For the standalone- download, unzip and run MagicalGirlDF.exe!

For the launcher, download and run the launcher .exe. You will be prompted to login with Patreon- don't worry, this is just to check what backer tier you're at so it can deliver the correct build to you! You don't need to be a backer. If you're not, it'll simply deliver the latest public to you.

The latest public build is v.0.0.206. The latest bleeding is v.0.0.215.


Mahou Arms Launcher
Mahou Arms v.0.0.206


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I am interested in you game, but I have major issues with Patreon, which I actually banned after disabling my account several months ago (details should be easy to find, it was quite an uproar at the time).

Will the uncensored version be available here?

And obviously your patcher will not be an option for me.